5 Oddly Shaped Beauty Tools

When it comes to beauty tools, there’s no shortage of oddly shaped gadgetry that
promises everything from glowing skin to an at-home blowout. While many of these
tools are currently enjoying a social media glow permanent hair removal malaysia, they’re not just fads—in fact, some
can make a significant difference in boosting the results of your regular skincare

For those who want to hone their makeup skills without the help of a professional
makeup artist, Sigma’s double-sided soft silicone brush mat makes clean-up fast and
easy (and much more fun). Or, try out a tool that helps you create the perfect base
for your makeup, like this skin-nourishing primer from Laura Mercier.
A face massager is a must for anyone who wants to look and feel their best. From
soothing and depuffing with a jade roller to contouring the jawline with a sculptor,
there’s something for everyone. The latest must-have is this one from TheraBody,
which combines eight different treatments into one compact and easy-to-use device.
Its toning attachment helps firm and tighten cheekbones, while a deep-cleansing
pad removes dirt and pore-clogging build up.
You’ll have to ignore your social-media notifications to get the most out of this
beauty tool, but it’s worth it in the long run. This tool uses an innovative
combination of vibration, pulsing and heat to loosen and dislodge dirt, oil and other
impurities from pores for a clean complexion. You can also use the ice function to
cool down and reduce puffiness in just a few minutes, or simply leave it on for 10 to
15 minutes to relax and reset skin.

This tool isn’t just a social-media darling—it’s actually an FDA-approved beauty
treatment. Its microcurrent technology stimulates muscle tissue to lift and firm the
jawline, while the pulsing function helps reduce dark circles and puffiness around the
eyes. The result is smoother, brighter and more youthful-looking skin.
The gua sha might look terrifying, but it’s the real deal when it comes to relieving a
bloated face. Its curved edges are designed to stimulate circulation, drain lymphatic
fluid and tone skin when moved over the face in quick motions. For an at-home
version, try this rose quartz tool from Eve Lom, or Sarah Chapman’s face sculptor,
which has both a knuckle-like roller and serum-smoothing disc tapper for a toned
and lifted appearance.
If you’ve ever envied the chiseled features of celebrity faces, try mimicking them
with a toning tool that contours cheekbones and lifts jawlines, or Nurse Jamie’s body
wand, which helps increase blood flow, boost product absorption and improve skin
tone. And, for the legs, this device targets cellulite and edema while soothing skin
and smoothing out stretch marks. It’s even endorsed by beauty and wellness expert
Fiona Stiles.